As most of you would know this young gal has got herself a contributing role writing for the spectacular music blog, and this afternoon I was asked to prepare some questions, as I will be conducting my FIRST EVER professional interview with the legendary bluesman Mr. G. Love from ‘G. Love and Special Sauce’ tomorrow morning! eeek

I’m beyond excited and thought i’d give all of you a quick little overview as to who and what this group do!

Since forming in 1993, G.Love and Special Sauce have introduced a crazy and completely eclectic mix of Chicago Blues riffs, R&B vocals, and old school Hip Hop lyrics into the realm of modern music! And in 2014 released their latest LP ‘Sugar’ which features all the ORIGINAL band members and the very special, and excruciatingly talented Merry Clayton on the evocative soul track ‘One Night Romance’.

Mr G. Love and his Special Sauce will be making their way out to Aussie shores this April, for both Bluesfest and 3 very special sideshows, so keep an eye out and possibly even purchase a ticket!

You can read a little bit more about these guys as well as the 9 other ESSENTIAL acts to watch out for at this years Bluesfest here:

Top 10 artists to look out for at this years Bluesfest

And you can check out G.Love & Special Sauce’s unique concoction of tantalizing genres here:


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