Thoughts on Prince 1958-2016

When I woke up on Friday morning, news of Prince’s premature death at 57 years old was not what was I was expecting to be hit in the face with – this was one instance where breakfast could wait. Immediately I thought back to just eight weeks ago, when I was pondering on whether or not I could afford to purchase a ticket to his Piano and a Microphone tour, and decided that the money could be used elsewhere, “I’ll see him again” I figured. Well, I was wrong, and as I laid in bed, alive and well, in the midst of feeling all kinds of sorry for myself for missing out on the opportunity to see him, I realized I was doing it all wrong. This isn’t about me -This week, the world has lost a musical genius; a man whose innovative guitar playing, superb songwriting, and unpredictable nature were second to none, and whose fabulous essence whisked upon us a patchwork of happiness, heartbreak, and a shit-ton of dance moves. He was the master at making people feel, and like his counterpart Bowie, did so in a way that was totally of his own. A transgressive spirit to the ultimate degree. 

From For You to HITnRUN Phase Two, Prince’s purple reign altered lives, mended broken worlds, and allowed people to see the light. One of the most gifted songwriters of the century; he was a true individual, with a real, genuine adoration for his fans, and fashion sense to boot. Millions have made memories to Prince records, and I’ll forever be thankful for the impromptu late night dance sessions inspired by his music, and witnessing my sister perfectly emulate the entire dance from the Kiss music video. As a fan I know that his soul can rest at peace because there are millions more yet to discover his artistry, and whose view of the world will change as soon as they indulge. His is a legacy that will continue to give long after he’s gone, and in his honour I’m going to spin some records, and Fallinlove2nite, all over again.

Goodnight, and fly on sweet Prince. No one could ever take the place of our man. 1958-2016

Peace, love, and keep singin’ the Blues,



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  1. Diane Wells

    Yes, Prince held another column that stopped the sky from falling down , along with Bowie and Elvis. So glad I am to have lived in their time. Rip.


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