Pretty Alright

Pretty Alright


From the schoolyard to the stage, Blacktown locals Zakk Sembler, Connor Pollard, and Aaron Tadich have been friends for years, playing together for majority of their high school days, and using their ‘love and passion’ for music as a means to get by. Now, with all three close to twenty, they’ve decided to take things a little more serious, officially getting together in early 2014 to play shows and record some tracks as one of western Sydney’s greatest budding psych rock bands, Pretty Alright. 

Giving a modern touch to sounds alike those concocted by Count 5, Pretty Alright flirt endlessly with the senses, thanks to their authentic sixties style prowess. Providing unrefined vocal harmonies, sharp, tantalizing solos that swoop and swerve in all their classic, raw, low down and dirty Rock n’ Roll glory, along with entrancing drum beats, and crisp bass lines to match – even their slight timing and vocal mishaps evoke a sense of power.

Ultra Underground caught up with front-man Zakk, to find out a little more about their sound, inspiration, and future plans.

Q. What can we expect to hear on your upcoming releases? 

A. Full tilt rock n’ roll, with memorable melodies.

Q. Are there any themes that you find to be consistent in your music? 

A. Our daily lives; relationships, having fun. It’s what makes us who we are.

Q. When listening to the bands music I hear a great 60s influence – How has the music of that era influenced you? 

A. It’s what we all were raised on, so there was no stopping that era of music from influencing the way we write as a group. Catchy and impactful music is what we love.

Q. How would you describe the bands sound?
A. I would describe our sound as “raw”, “catchy” and “fun”. Our sound has most definitely been influenced by the bands we looked up to as children.

Q. Top five records/musicians that have influenced you as an individual and the band as a whole?  

A. This is a really tricky question but we will go with these five; Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Nirvana, Wolfmother and The Doors.

Q. What’s your all time favourite guitar riff?
A. The Ocean by Led Zeppelin.
Q. Song you’re most proud of?
A. We’re proud of all of them, but I’d have to say “Leave You Behind” which is yet to be released.
Q. How do y’all go about writing music?
A. We usually bring ideas to rehearsals individually and work on them together.
Q. Any upcoming performances ?
A. We have some in the works for mid-July.
Q. Ultimate goal as a band?
A. Our ultimate goal is to further progress our sound, gain and meet new fans and get as far as we can, together as a band.

Q. What do the Blues + Rock n’ Roll mean to you? 

A. Rock n’ Roll / the Blues mean a lot to us, we understand that without these genres there would not be “Pretty Alright”. As musicians, we also look up to many blues and rock n’ roll musicians such as; Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cream, Chuck Berry and Led Zeppelin.

Pretty Alright are more than just ‘alright’ – they’re the future of Aussie music, and a simultaneous step back in time. They exude bucket loads of potential, and through their instruments can sweep every last bit of thought from any rock obsessives’ mind – their playing is enthralling, alluring and god damn delicious. One can only imagine the sort of prodigious riffs they’ll be producing in years to come.

As Bon Scott once wisely crooned ‘it’s a long way to the top if ya wanna rock n’ roll’ so to support these boys on their journey you can check out their Soundcloud, follow their Twitter feed or like their Facebook page.
Peace, love and keep singin’ the Blues,

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