Moa Bones



Athenian Dimitris Aronis began playing piano at age 10, giving up two years later due to a serious bout of boredom. Soon after his true musical escapade begun, recieving his first glimpse of the guitar when his sister arrived home, classical model in hand. Besotted, he soon learnt to play chords and the inevitable 80’s-90’s Pop/Rock songs. Yet as Aronis remembers the true infatuation came a year later whilst watching his friend tap the overdrive on his electric guitar.

Since the days of old, Aronis has adopted a pseudonym, Moa Bones, and is now considered one of Greece’s most promising up and coming Folk musicians. And with the recent release of his sophomore record ‘Spun’ it’s clear that he is continually breaking down the barriers by using the Blues as a means to blend low down themes with intricate guitar prodigiouness, all whilst maintaining his folky inclinations. He is swift, and enthralling, drawing great influence from the likes of an early JJ Cale, and using poetry as a means to paint intriguing pictures amongst his many innovative riffs. His voice on the other hand is of its own class. Unrefined and deep, it softly erges you to listen intently and take in his every word.

Q: What’s the meaning behind your latest single ‘Wake Up’ and what was the writing process behind it?

A: It’s a freedom song, simple and optimistic. Well, it should be like that I guess! I wanted it to be motivating and inductive, to carry the message of freedom and the need to find it! Some kind of enlightenment! There is this phrase in the second verse “the shady past soon will be dust” which can have more than one interpretation. It refers to the ghosts of the past that everyone as individuals may have experienced, but also to the present. It’s the present state of things that should be left behind or be changed because today’s western way of life is unhuman and consumeristic. This has a huge impact to our planet as well! There’s a very interesting documentary by Yann Arthur Bertrand titled “Planet Ocean”. It digs our origins, then focuses on how we treat our birthplace (the ocean) nowadays and keeps questioning where we’re heading to. It’s really inspiring!

Q: What can we expect to hear on your upcoming record?

A: Folk-Americana experimental songs with vocals, guitars, banjo, spiced up with some synths and pianos.

Q: Do you find that being from Greece, you must work harder to get your music heard by the rest of the world?

A: I ‘m not so sure about that! The Internet nowadays offers many possibilities as long as you have songs and albums worth spreading. Not in terms of sound quality but in terms of American-style music made in Greece! Made in Greece means that vocals may not have a proper or a widely accepted accent for example! If accent is not a problem then all the rest is possible. There’s an economic crisis today in Greece, but still remains a very beautiful and interesting place to live in. Being an Athens-based musician and touring around can be a blessing!

Q: Which five records or artists have influenced you the most?

A: Brian Eno, Nick Drake, Nina Simone, JJ Cale, and Curtis Mayfield.

Q: Do you plan on visiting Australia anytime soon?

A: I ‘d love to! We are trying to put the pieces together and have a Moa Bones tour in Europe, and the United States, so why not in Australia too?!

Q: Lastly, what do the blues mean to you?

A: Blues are the mother of rock and roll. Plain, sexy and straight forward. Right from the heart!

Moa Bones produces music that speaks directly to the soul, touches the mind, and enraptures the entire body. It’s music that deserves to be heard and truly experienced by each and every person on earth who appreciates authentic sounds, and stories that come from the deepest depths of the heart.

To support this troubador on his journey, you can like his Facebook page, stream his latest record, free on, or watch his videos on YouTube.

Peace, love and keep singin’ the Blues,



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