Top 5 records of the week

Each week I find myself listening to an array of super snazzy records… on repeat! and so in honour of the wonderful artists and songs that have taken up the majority of my time in the past 7 days, i’ve decided to give you a rundown as to why I just can’t get enough!


5. Loaded- The Velvet Underground


Both recorded and released  in 1970, there’s no denying that this record is a masterpiece. With Reed in his prime this LP alone features more than 3 of the bands greatest songs, including Oh! Sweet Nuthin, Rock n Roll, + Who Loves The Sun and of course my personal favourite the gem that is SWEET JANE! (because god diggity damn that intro is rapturous). So, if you have not yet experienced VU in all their glory GET ACQUAINTED & start off by listening to Loaded and or this killer live performance from 1974, featuring Dick Wagner on guitar. Although it was recorded for Lou’s live solo album Rock n’ Roll Animal, its still every bit as thrilling… BELIEVE ME!


4. Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin



Ahhh, the good old Led Zeppelin IV… if you call yourself a music lover and haven’t yet encountered the pleasure associated with listening to this unrepeatable artistry, then I truly do weep for you! Released in 1971, as Zeppelin’s 4th studio album, Led Zeppelin IV quickly acquired a superior status, a status which will without doubts be around until the end of time. Featuring songs such as Black Dog, When The Levee Breaks and Misty Mountain Hop its not hard to imagine why this LP has made such an impact on not only my week, but my life! Although,  the main reason this brilliance has made such an  impression these past 7 days is due to my re-discovery of the forever prodigious Stairway to Heaven… I don’t think the day will ever come where Mr Jimmy Page’s tantalizing solo doesn’t completely enthrall, astound and perplex me. TOTAL AND UTTER PERFECTION! check it out for yourself:


3. Some Girls – The Rolling Stones



Some Girls (probably my favourite record from The Stones) was released to us unworthy beings in 1978 and has continued to transcend its funky aura into the subconscious of many for over 3 decades and has now inevitably taken over my mine, for well, lets be honest, not only this week but for the past 3 months, and i couldn’t be more ecstatic about it! Any LP that features songs such as Miss You, Shattered + Beast of Burden deserves to be listened to on repeat for an eternity, and to be rather frank I have listened staggering amounts to this very seductive live version of Beast of Burden for a number of reasons that you will soon work out for yourself (all i’m going to say is that Ronnie Wood + Keith Richards can teach me guitar anyday!).


2. Goodbye – Cream



Released in 1969 and serving as the evident farewell album for supergroup Cream, Goodbye is one of the greatest ‘final’ records I have heard. With three out of this world virtuosos in one band, its no shock that songs such as Politician + I’m So Glad came to life on this LP, although the one tortuous element is that it took a staggering 36 years for audiences to hear it play out live! This week the ONLY live version of Cream performing Badge has (almost)  taken out the top spot in my little world of Rock  n Roll, and if you have already heard it you will know exactly why! Clapton’s earthy vox and titalizing solos, Bruce’s lean, clean, bluesy and blistering bass playing, and Ginger’s indisputably great timing make for a more distinguished Cream then they were back in their ‘hey day’!


1. Brothers and Sisters – The Allman Brothers Band



Although released in 1973, Brothers and Sisters has only recently made a tremendously large impression on my life. After being lent this record, among many others by my spectacular friend Alex, I became intrigued by the earthy cover and took the vinyl out for a spin… much to my surprise the twangy vocals and rustic guitar solos were UNFORGETTABLE and I have been listening to this glorious LP everyday since! A few months later and I’m still  every bit as captivated, and seem to discover something new upon each listen. There is not ONE fault on the entire album except of course for the continually devastating fact Duane Allman was no longer there to play his part. I highly recommend that each and every person reading this, becomes familiar with this record, whether it be for the first time or 400th time, one can never truly get enough of an LP so divine… and speaking of divine, I uncovered a little acoustic performance by Gregg Allman performing Come And Go Blues (my favourite track) back in 1985, and it could almost be better than the album version… But i’ll let you decide for yourself:



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