Two years ago, four ‘long time’ friends and locals to the band circuit in Athens, Greece decided to get together in the studio and lay down some tracks, fatefully forming one of Greece’s biggest up and coming bands, Whereswilder. The seductive quartet have managed to intertwine the strongest portions of 60s psychedelia with contemporary Rock n Roll to create a concoction of sounds so utterly distinctive, and so sweetly psychedelic that even the most anxious of beings will find themselves in a trance. With brash beats, awakened, soul enchanting vocals and heavy, yet at times smooth, and euphoric riffs – alike those of the 13th Floor Elevators’, these four rockers are an intricate part of, and a faultless example of modern music embracing and emulating the sounds of the sixties.

Subsequent to the release of their debut LP ‘Yearling‘ Ultra Underground spoke to the guys about their inspirations, aspirations and all things music!

Q: Which 5 records/musicians have influenced y’all the most?

A: Making lists is always a tough one. If we had to make one though it would start with The Beatles, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Queens Of The Stone Age, White Denim and most of the Kevin Parker-related stuff.

Q: What do the Blues + Rock n Roll mean to you?

A: History. Blues and rock n’ roll narrate what’s been happening in the world for over a century now.

Q: What do you feel ‘Yearling’ says about you all as musicians and individuals?

A: It’s pretty much an honest statement of the phase we were all going through at the time, captured on tape. We deliberately based its whole vibe as a record, on a live performance. Kind of like the way records used to be made.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: Raw materials of rock and pop music put together under a goat banner.

Q: Are you working on any new music, if so what can we expect to hear? Will it differ from the sounds we heard on ‘Yearling’?

A: Actually, we’ve had a creative boost recently and we are nearly done composing the material for the next album. If anything, it will sound a bit more ‘traditional’ in some ways. Hopefully, you’ll tell us!

Q: Do you hope to collaborate with any musicians in the future? If so, who?

There are so many awesome musicians out there – both in Greece and internationally, so it’s really hard to say. We’re all very fond of White Denim and James Petralli’s Bop English though, so sharing the stage with them would be great.

Q: What song are you’s most proud of having written and why?

A: We really can’t pick out any single song of ours but we ‘re certainly very proud of Bo’s video. It’s a creation made by the young and talented Out There Studios, based here in Athens.

Q: Are there any recurring themes throughout your songs?

A: Maybe, but we assure you they weren’t made on purpose.

Q: How did y’all go about establishing such a solitary sound? – a sound so influenced by the psychedelic scene of the 60s yet so in touch with contemporary music?

A: Many classic records that we’ve owned from an early age were made in the 60s. The performances found in there had a massive impact on ourselves as musicians and they mostly define the vibe we try to recreate every time we get together to play. Yearling though, is a record made half a century later so naturally we were influenced by more contemporary stuff. The recent neo-psychedelic movement was also really influential.

Q: What is, in your view, the greatest part of the Greek music scene? And do you ever plan on visiting Australia?

The Greek music scene is actually blooming in a time and a place where nothing seems to grow. At least, for the outside world. That said, the greatest part about it is the togetherness and the decisiveness of the people that are part of it. As for an Australian visit, we certainly hope so, it would be epic!

Q: What is the bands ultimate goal? What do you hope to achieve through your music ?

A: To continue making music. Hopefully for the rest of our lives. If we manage to see the world through it, we would be a blissful bunch.

Whereswilder produce wigged out tunes that open the mind and cruise slowly around the body – music that tells stories in a way which is original and unrepeated, music that should be heard and danced vigorously to by each and every musically inclined, rock obsessive on earth and most importantly those here in Aus.

So, to support these songbirds on their journey you can like their Facebook page, check out their YouTube channel, or purchase their latest record on Bandcamp.

Peace, love and keep singin’ the Blues,



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